Release Notes

June 9, 2020

What's New

  • Set and Display Your Current Status: In a meeting? Having lunch? Let your colleagues know by setting a status on your account. In the desktop app or on the web, open your account menu (that’s your avatar, down in the lower-left corner), and choose “Profile and Status....” On the iOS app, tap the Quip icon at the top of your Updates feed, then choose “Status.” Type whatever you like, add an emoji for extra flavor, and set a time for the status to expire, if you like. You can see other people’s status (and they can see yours) whenever you’re direct messaging with them, or whenever you hover their name in a document, spreadsheet, activity pane, etc. For Web, Desktop, and iOS

  • Get Actionable Metrics on Your Quip Documents and Templates in Salesforce: See how your users engage with Quip documents and templates in Salesforce. Track user engagement with important documents like Account Plans and Mutual Close Plans. With Quip for Customer 360 metrics, you can build Lightning reports and dashboards in Salesforce that track users’ template adoption. For Web

  • Keep Documents in Sync with Live Paste in Lightning Flow: Save time updating multiple Quip documents and create a single source of truth with Live Paste. Copy content from a source document and paste it with Live Paste in a new document. After you update the source content, the content automatically updates in all documents that reference it. With Live Paste in Lightning Flow, you can automatically add and update content from a source document to a target document when a record changed in Salesforce. For Web

Versions: Web, Mac 7.12.2, Windows 7.12.2, iOS 7.12.0, Android 7.12.1