Release Notes

June 30, 2020

What's New

  • Add live Einstein Analytics Dashboards to Quip Documents: Keep relevant information in context with live Einstein Analytics dashboards in your Quip documents. Streamline your Quip Account Plans with dynamic Einstein Analytics dashboards. Einstein Analytics live apps added to an embedded Account Plan in Salesforce automatically populate based on the Salesforce record. For Desktop and Web

  • Create Relationship Maps in a Quip Document: Map out key stakeholders, easily identify deal detractors and influencers, and more. With the Relationship Map live app in Quip, create lightweight org charts that help your sales reps stay organized and close deals. For Desktop and Web

  • Choose a Folder When You Copy a Document: Previously when you chose “Copy Document” from the Document menu, we gave you a choice of whether you wanted the new document/spreadsheet to be in the same folder as the document you’re copying, or in your Private folder. You’re no longer limited to just those two choices—now you can pick any folder you want. For Desktop and Web

  • Hide the Function Helper in Spreadsheets: Sometimes you don’t need the helper callout that appears when typing out a function’s arguments—we get that. We’ve added an option to hide the helper by clicking the ‘X’ on the top-right. We’ll remember your preference and keep it hidden. You can unhide the helper later at anytime by clicking the ‘?’ icon that appears beside a cell when typing out a function’s arguments again. For Desktop and Web

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