Release Notes

August 5, 2020

What's New

  • Locked Sections: In addition to locking edits to the entire document, you’re now able to lock edits to individual parts of a document. Handy for keeping information intact, minimizing accidental edits, and streamlining business processes. To lock a section, click on it and then choose “Lock Edits” from the floating context menu over to the right. (Alternatively, you can also go to the Format menu and click “Lock Edits” there.) And just FYI: only non-list, text styles can be locked at this time. For Web, Desktop, and Mobile

  • Equations: Insert equations by typing @math right into your Quip documents. Equations can toggled to be viewed either inline or full-width (AKA “Display Mode”). Equations are rendered using the LaTeX library which supports many LaTeX functions. For Web, Desktop, and Mobile

  • Temporary Filter Views for View or Comment-Only Users: Users without edit access to spreadsheet data are able to now create their own temporary filter views to quickly sort, filter, and view the data as they wish without impacting the view for other users. Multiple temporary filter views can be created and are available to only the creating user for the duration of their session. For Web, Desktop, and Mobile

  • Extended Text Styles: You can now style items as code, strikethrough and superscript using the text editing controls. For iOS

  • Better Right-click Menus: We noticed some inconsistencies between the dropdown menus and right-click menus for various types of text sections. Those inconsistencies have been addressed, and your menu options are more thorough at every turn. For Web and Desktop

  • Group Folder Search in Admin Console: Search for group folders in the admin console—simple but effective! For Web

  • User Access Levels Added to Get_threads API Endpoint: The admin get_threads endpoint will return all users’ access levels on the called thread. For Web

  • Improved Trackpad Support: More parts of the Quip app correctly handle the trackpad included with the iPad Magic Keyboard. For iOS

Versions: Web, Mac 7.16.0, Windows 7.16.0, iOS 7.16.1, Android 7.16.1