Release Notes

September 1, 2020

What's New

  • New, More Streamlined Navigation: Quip’s got a new button in its sidebar: Home. Home is one convenient place for your updates, folders, favorited docs, recently opened docs, and all the docs that have been shared with you. No matter how you prefer to browse Quip, Home has got you covered. We’ve also redesigned the iOS app to match this new navigation and bring all of desktop Quip’s doc-finding features to mobile. Check it out :) For Web, Desktop, and iOS

  • Preferred Salesforce Orgs: Users can mark a Salesforce org as their preferred org for Salesforce data in Quip. Live apps, log activity, and reports pull data from the preferred Salesforce org unless manually changed.

Versions: Web, Windows 7.18.0, Mac 7.18.0, Android 7.18.10, iOS 7.18.0