Release Notes

September 29, 2020

What's New

  • Test the Health of Your Quip Connection to Salesforce: Use the Quip Health Check to run a series of automated tests on your Quip site and Salesforce org connection. When the Quip Health Check identifies problems, it provides on-the-spot results and solutions to get your connection up and running. For Web

  • Use SSO to Automatically Connect Quip to Salesforce: When connecting Quip and Salesforce, users that use the same SSO for Quip and Salesforce don’t have to log in again to Salesforce from Quip. For Web and Desktop

  • Include Comments When Copying a Document or Spreadsheet: When you make a copy of a document, you will now see the option to include comments. When select, active comments from you original document will be copied over to your new document. This works for all comments expect those in a Live App. For Web and Desktop

  • Mirror Your Salesforce Permissions Inside Quip: Ensure your Salesforce permissions are being respected inside Quip by enabling the Mirror Salesforce Permissions functionality in the Salesforce tab of your admin console. In order to view the Salesforce integrations in your company’s documents, users will need to be authenticated to your Salesforce org and have permissions to view the content. For Web

  • Disable Salesforce Reports in Quip: If your Salesforce Report data should never leave Salesforce, you can disable the Live Report feature entirely from the Salesforce tab of your admin console to prevent your company members from adding Live Reports to your documents. This will also disable any existing Live Reports. . For Web

Versions: Web, Windows 7.22.0, Mac 7.22.0, Android 7.220, iOS 7.22.0