Release Notes

October 20, 2020

What's New

  • Salesforce Cloud Icon: We centralized all of Quip’s Salesforce actions into one place. Now you can go to the new Salesforce Cloud (next to the Share button) to add Salesforce data to your documents, log activity from Quip, and manage your Salesforce records. For Web

  • Log Activity Enhancements: Log activity for all custom and standard Salesforce objects from a Quip document. Add calls, tasks, and events to supported activity types in Quip. For Web

  • Manage Quip Templates with the Template Library: To differentiate Quip documents that your team uses as templates, mark your documents as templates and easily access them from the Template Library in Quip. With the Quip Template Library, users can create and share templates in private galleries, like the Created by Me and Shared with Me galleries, or get started with sample templates. For Web

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