Release Notes

November 4, 2020

What's New

  • Log Activity Enhancements: Log activity for all custom and standard Salesforce objects from a Quip document. Add calls, tasks, and events to supported activity types in Quip. For Desktop

  • Salesforce Cloud Icon: We centralized all of Quip’s Salesforce actions into one place. Now you can go to the new Salesforce Cloud (next to the Share button) to add Salesforce data to your documents, log activity from Quip, and manage your Salesforce records. For Desktop

  • Manage Quip Templates with the Template Library: Create templates from Quip documents and easily access them from Quip’s new Template Library. Users can now create and share templates in private galleries, like the Created by Me and Shared with Me galleries, or get started with sample templates. For Desktop

  • Create a Relationship Map in Quip with Live Salesforce Data: Build relationship maps in your Account Plans with imported Salesforce record data from both standard and custom objects. Refresh your map and sync field edits back to Salesforce. To add data to your maps that exist outside of Salesforce, create custom Quip cards. For Desktop and Mobile

  • Trash Support*: Deleted documents are now visible in a special “Trash” folder and can be recovered for up to 30 days. For iOS

  • Improved Keyboard Shortcuts on iPads: The keyboard shortcuts that you know and love from Quip on the desktop now also work on iPads with keyboards: ⌘-J (search), ⌘-Shift-I (Updates), ⌘-Shift-S (Favorites), ⌘-Shift-E (Notifications). For iOS

  • Copy Document Links from the Desktop App: Let’s say you’re looking at a document in the desktop app, and you want to copy it’s link. But how can you do it when there’s no URL bar? Easy: Go to the Document menu and select “Copy Link.” For Desktop

  • Redirect Quip Document Links to the Quip App: Tired of links to Quip documents opening in your dusty old web browser instead of your shiny Quip app? Go to your account menu (that’s your avatar, down in the lower left corner), select “Quip Desktop App...” and check off the “Open links in the app” checkbox. For Desktop

  • Text Alignment: Left, right, and center align your content to your heart’s content and make documents look the way you want. You’ll see the new alignment button in your document toolbar, and you can align every text style (including headings and paragraphs) except for lists. For Web, Mac, and Windows

Versions: Web, Windows 7.24.2, Mac 7.24.5, iOS 7.24.0, Android 7.24.0