Release Notes

January 26, 2021

What's New

  • Data Validation 2.0: Data Validation has become more robust with nine new validation rules, in addition to other functional and visual improvements. You can now set cells to only accept attachments, people, dates, numbers, text, URLs, emails, and checkboxes. You can also now set the dropdown options to be from an existing cell range of your choice. For Web and Desktop

  • Line Numbers: We've added the ability to see the line numbers in your Quip documents. Among other things, they're very handy for meetings, when you need to point people to specific parts of a document. Note that they'll only appear for your view and not for all members of the document. Toggle line numbers on and off from the View menu. For Web and Desktop

  • Text Wrap in Spreadsheets Toolbar: Access text wrapping options right from the spreadsheets toolbar with the new Text Wrap button. For Web and Desktop

  • Updated Spreadsheets Text Alignment Icon: We've updated the text alignment icon for spreadsheets to match the one we use for documents. For Web and Desktop

  • Dark Mode and Increased Contrast: Give your eyes a rest—Quip can now be used in dark mode on desktop or the web! We have also added the ability to increase contrast throughout the Quip interface in either light or dark modes to make colors bolder, which may be especially helpful for low vision users. Both settings can be found in the “Appearance” tab in Account Settings. For Web and Desktop

Versions: Web, Windows 7.28.2, Mac 7.28.2