Release Notes

February 9, 2021

What's New

  • Automate Exporting a Quip Document to PDF: Take record-keeping snapshots of your important documents by generating a PDF and attaching to another Quip document with the Quip Automation API. Note that currently the endpoint only works with documents and not full spreadsheets. For Web and Desktop.

  • Synchronize Folders to Groups: Synchronize Quip Folders to user groups connected to directory services like Active Directory, Okta, or through the Quip SCIM API. As the user group membership changes, the folder members will update accordingly. For Web and Desktop.

  • Expanded Reporting for External Sharing: We’ve expanded the admin console reporting on external sharing to include all externally-shared documents (not just outbound documents). You can also see what companies your users are sharing with, zoom in on the collaboration with a specific company, and export .csv reports about your company’s external sharing with a specific partner. For Web and Desktop.

  • New Controls for External Sharing: There are new ways to control your external sharing within the admin console. You can remove your company’s members from externally-owned documents and remove external users from documents you own. You can also stop all existing sharing with a specific company, either removing all that company’s users from all of your documents, removing all your company members from that company’s documents, or both. For Web and Desktop.

  • Dark Mode and Increased Contrast support: Quip for iOS can now be used in dark mode. By default, the app follows your device settings, but you can customize the display in the “Appearance” section of your account settings. For Web, Desktop and iOS.

Versions: Web, Windows 7.29.0, Mac 7.29.1, Android 7.29.0, iOS 7.29.1