Release Notes

March 16, 2021

What's New

  • A New Home for Accessibility Settings: We have organized all our accessibility settings into one place. Increased Contrast, OpenDyslexic Font, and the our new screen reader support features can now be found in Account Settings → Accessibility. For Web and Desktop.

  • Improved Screen Reader Support (beta): If you use NVDA/Chrome or VoiceOver/Safari, we are introducing some significant improvements to how Quip works with screen readers. Learn more at, and opt-in to the beta release by toggling Account Settings → Accessibility → Use Beta Screen Reader Features, or using the keyboard shortcut Command Option Z (Mac) or Control Alt Z (Windows). For Web.

  • Declutter Unedited Documents: "Untitled" documents with empty content will no longer clutter your Quip folder. Now, when you create a document or spreadsheet without edits and navigate away from the document, Quip will move that "Untitled" document to your Trash. For Web and Desktop.

  • Updates to Quip’s Slack App: We’ve made some changes to Quip’s Slack app to make it easier to do the most important things you do. Create documents and spreadsheets via the Shortcuts menu. Navigate to your recent documents from the new Quip app Home tab. Search through your list of channels (including your private ones, too) when connecting a Quip document to Slack. Additionally, we’ve streamlined our slash commands, removing welcome, notepad, copy, grab, alias, task, and checklist. Type /quip help to learn more about what our Slack app can do.

Versions: Web