Release Notes

June 8, 2021

What's New

  • Keyboard Access for Section Menus: Keyboard-only users can now use Alt+Shift+C (Windows) or Option+Shift+C (Mac) to pull up the section menu for any paragraph, heading, or list in a document to access features like Edit History, Comments, or Copy Anchor Link. For Web and Desktop

  • Screen Reader Compatibility for Creating @ Mentions: The @-mention creation dialog is now compatible with screen readers. Learn more at For Web

  • Pasting Salesforce URLs Experience: Easily convert your Salesforce URLs to a Data Mention or Live App (Report, List, Record). Pasting a Salesforce Record URL auto-converts to a Data Mention. You can also manually convert URLs by clicking into the link menu and choosing “Salesforce Record/Report/List/Data Mention.” For Web and Desktop

  • Data Mentions (iOS Support): Last year, we introduced the ability to insert Salesforce Data Mentions and make record edits on the web and desktop apps so that you can collaborate on and update Salesforce data quickly. Now we’re bringing those same capabilities to the iOS app. Enjoy! For iOS

  • Android Navigation Redesign: Last year, we redesigned the desktop and iOS apps with an eye toward making it easier to find the stuff that’s most important to you. Now we’re bringing the same streamlined layout to the Android app. All your updates, folders, favorited docs, and recently opened docs are now in one simple tab called “Home.” No matter how you prefer to browse Quip, Home has you covered. For Android

Versions: Web, Windows 7.37.0, Mac 7.37.2, iOS 7.31.1, Android 7.37.0