Release Notes

July 6, 2021

What's New

  • New Folder List View: We’ve introduced a whole bunch of functional and performance improvements to how folders look and how they’re organized. Among the changes you can expect to see: 1) All your multi-member folders in one view: No more having to decide between “Group” and “Shared” when you click into your folder view. Everything is in one place. 2) List view is now the default view: Why? It offers better access to sorting and bulk-organization features, and it makes it easier to understand how all your folders work together in Quip. 3) Global view settings: Now, grid and list views are a global setting, and the experience is consistent from folder to folder. 4) Member count and link-sharing: We're now automatically providing the member count in list view, and showing a little paperclip 📎 icon next to any folders or files that have link-sharing turned on. (Oh, and one last thing to note for admins: You can still create Group folders, with all the special permissions they entail. The only thing that's different is that users don't have to figure out what kind of folder they're looking for to know where to find it.) For Web, Desktop, and iOS

  • Improved Comment Navigation: We’ve added “Previous Thread” and “Next Thread” buttons so that you can more easily jump between comment threads without having to hunt each one down in the document. This works with not just your normal paragraph comments, but also comments in spreadsheets and on images as well! There is now also a comments menu (the ... button), behind which you can turn on “Show Comment Source” to always see a snippet of what the the comments are referencing, or archive (formerly known as “resolve”) the comment thread. For Web and Desktop

  • Alt Text Support: Want to make sure your Quip document is accessible to screen reader users? You can now add alt text to the images and GIFs you upload to your documents! For Web and Desktop

  • Document Outline on Mobile: We’ve just launch a new way to navigate your documents from the Quip mobile apps. Just tap the outline icon at the top of any doc (it looks a little like a list) then tap any heading to jump to that part of the document. For iOS and Android

Versions: Web, Mac 7.39.1, Windows 7.39.0, iOS 7.39.6, Android 7.39.0