Release Notes

July 28, 2021

What's New

  • Salesforce Data Mentions - Customize Layout on Web: Users on web/desktop will now have the ability to add, remove, and re-order fields that are most relevant for their Salesforce records. This helps save rep’s time updating Salesforce field information. For Web

  • New Tableau CRM Live App Mobile Experience: Open your embedded Tableau CRM dashboards on your mobile device. When viewing a Quip document, scroll to the Tableau CRM live app and you will see an option to open your dashboard in the Tableau CRM mobile app. The handoff is supported on both iOS and Android, and allows for optimized viewing and interaction with Tableau CRM dashboards on a mobile device. Note that users must have both the Quip and Tableau CRM mobile apps downloaded, and be logged into the same Salesforce org for seamless access. For Web

  • Quip Works Better When Tiny: Looking at Quip in a small window? Need to zoom in so you or the people you’re screensharing with can see better? We made dramatic improvements to how Quip looks and works even when it doesn’t have much breathing room. For Web and Desktop

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