Release Notes

August 4, 2021

What's New

  • Multi-Picklist Support for Data Mentions: Now users have the ability to edit multi-picklist values directly in data mentions. Users can cmd/ctrl-click multiple options, click Save to Salesforce, and have their selected options displayed in the Quip document. When users open the date mention edit modal again, their selected options are already highlighted.

  • Add a Slack Message to a Quip Doc: We’ve made it possible to add Slack messages into a Quip doc with our Slack app. Hover over a message, click on More Options, and select either the “Add to document” or “Start new document” to get started.

  • System Fonts: We’ve changed the fonts in Quip’s UI to better match your operating system, and the default document typography theme to “Modern.”

  • Document Details: All the most important information about a document—who created it, where it lives, when it was last updated—is now accessible via the Document/Spreadsheet menu → Document/Spreadsheet Details.

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