Release Notes

November 2, 2021

What's New

  • Adjust Sharing Permissions in Slack: When sending document links in channels or DMs with the Quip for Slack app, users can now directly add channel members to the doc with view, edit, or comment permissions or instead, can turn on link sharing.

  • See the Links to and From a Given Document: At the top of some of your documents, you’ll notice a new button that says “References.” Click that button and you’ll see a collection of all the other documents that link to the document you’re currently looking at. Just another fine little tool to help you find the stuff you’re looking for, and see how your documents relate the other documents around them :)

  • Email Notifications Improvements: In the past, we tried to be smart with our email notifications. However, this ultimately led to confusion so we made some improvements! We reduced the lag between an action and when email notification is sent, even if you have seen the notification within the app - we will still send you an email about it, increased the daily limit of emails from 4 to 25. Thus, if you get a notification in the app, you should now always get a corresponding email notification. To turn “on” your email notifications, go to your profile menu > Notifications > Email tab.

Versions: Web