Quip for Sales Learning Path

Welcome to the Quip for Sales Learning Path. This path is designed to guide you through how to use Quip for Sales. You’ll learn how to access Quip documents within Salesforce, work collaboratively like never before and update Salesforce data from the various Salesforce Live Apps. No more juggling between platforms. Now, you and your teams can work in one, centralized platform.

Collaboration with Quip for Sales

Length: 6 minutes

Collaboration…in Salesforce? Yes! In this video, we’ll take a look at the seamless process of working with Quip right inside of your CRM. No more jumping between platforms — it’s all in one, centralized place.

Resources: Comments and Conversations in Quip for Sales and Share Documents and Folders in Quip for Sales Salesforce Record Live App

Salesforce Record Live App

Length: 2 mins

Embed your Salesforce records and customize your record views in Quip. You can do bulk updates and sync your changes to Salesforce. You can even add notes and next steps that you can share with your team.

Resources: Salesforce Records in Quip

Salesforce List Live App

Length: 2 mins

You can embed your Salesforce list views and related lists in Quip. You can do bulk updates, sync your changes to Salesforce, and add list view filters. You can even add notes and next steps that you can share with your team.

Resources: Salesforce List Views in Quip

Salesforce Report Live App

Length: 2 mins

Import your filtered Salesforce reports right into Quip to keep your customer data in context, make inline comments, and collaborate with your team.

Resources: Salesforce Reports in Quip

Salesforce Data Mentions

Length: 2 mins

In this video, we’re going to explore Salesforce Data mentions, and how you use the ‘@’ mention to bring in standard and custom fields from Salesforce, right onto your documents.

Resources: Salesforce Data Mentions

Logging Salesforce Activities from Quip

Length: 1 min

Did you know you can log activities back into Salesforce right from your Quip documents? Check out this quick video to find out how!

Resources: Salesforce Activities in Quip

Relationship Map Live App

Length: 1 min

This video covers how to use the Relationship Map Live. Learn how to build your own map or create a map using Salesforce Data.

Resources: Create a Salesforce Relationship Map