Train the Trainer Program

The Train the Trainer Program is designed to give your internal training team everything they need to successfully train on Salesforce Anywhere Documents and Notifications.

Train the Trainer Overview

The Salesforce Anywhere Train the Trainer program is designed to prepare trainers to successfully train on Salesforce Anywhere Documents and Notifications.

The Salesforce Anywhere: Documents and Notifications program covers how to-

  • Populate templates in Salesforce

  • Insert Salesforce Live Apps

  • Manage notifications

  • Salesforce Anywhere Chat in Lightning

This program provides a webinar to get you started, templates, scripts, and ongoing resources. Keep reading to start the program now!

Step 1: Train the Trainer Webinar

The first step towards becoming a Salesforce Anywhere trainer is watching how the Education Team at Salesforce train on this material. This session will show you not only what to train on by how to best set your team up for success with Salesforce Anywhere.

This 40-minute webinar covers:

  • Training Introduction

  • Best Practices

  • Technical Set-Up

  • Example Training

  • Common Questions

  • Key Takeaways

  • Resources

Step 2: Train the Trainer Templates

Now that you have watched the webinar and understand best practices, it’s your turn! Step two is to review, customize, and prepare to train using this training deck and script. These templates are designed for the Salesforce Anywhere Train the Trainer program. They are a great starting point for your own training session but feel free to customize as needed to meet the needs of your use case and team.

Deck Template

This template is a slide deck template for you to use during this training. Make a copy of the slides and customize them for your team.

View Deck Template Here

Script Template

This template is a detailed training script that provides the step-by-step details you need to successfully train on Salesforce Anywhere.

View Script Template Here

Optional: Salesforce Anywhere Mobile App Training Resources

If you are also training your team on the Salesforce Anywhere Mobile App for chat and alerts these optional resources are for you. You can use this video path and webinar as guidance to create your own supplemental training content for your team or simply provide this content to them as a follow up to your documents and notifications session.

Video Path

This video path walks you through how to use each tab of the Salesforce Anywhere mobile app and shows the seamless experience with the mobile app and Lightning.

View Video Path


This webinar covers what your team needs to know to get started with Salesforce Anywhere mobile app for chat and alerts. Use this as a guide to add the mobile app to your training experience.

View Webinar

Step 3: Train the Trainer Ongoing Resources

Congratulations you are now ready to start training your team on Salesforce Anywhere Keep the learning going with our ongoing resources.

Learning Sites

Salesforce Anywhere Training Hub

This hub houses all our webinars, on-demand videos, and other learning content.

This help site is where you can find our knowledge articles and technical documentation

Recommended Training

Office Hours

Join this live Q&A session to speak with a product expert.

Salesforce Anywhere: Documents and Notifications

Join the live session of this session to see training in action.

Quarterly Recap Webinar

Join this session quarterly to stay up to date on all the new features launched each quarter. This is a great way to ensure your script is always up to date.

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