How your sales team can close more deals with the Quip mobile app

By Juli Fischer

We built Quip's mobile apps to work easily and powerfully for people on the go. And there's no one that's more important for than the original road warriors: Salespeople. But too often, when salespeople are on the road they're waiting for email attachments to download, or searching through chats and inboxes for context on their deals. With Quip that doesn't have to be the case, because the mobile app speeds work up instead of slowing it down. And all that wasted time fighting with software that doesn't work can be spent closing deals, instead.

Get real work done on your phone

With Quip, your work and communication are all in one place. You and your team can rally around documents and spreadsheets that are critical to the deals you're working on, and always be up to speed. The context, decisions, and updates are always at your fingertips because they're happening right next to the work.

For folks who travel a lot — like salespeople — the true beauty lies in how well Quip works on smartphones. The Quip mobile app is fast, powerful, and completely intuitive. Notifications take you right to where you need to be: If someone @ mentions you in a comment and you open the notification, the app takes you to the precise place in the document where your attention is needed. No more searching through emails for the thing you need follow up on, or bouncing from app to app to match chat conversations up with the work they're referencing.

With Quip, you can respond to feedback or questions, make your own comments, share a document, and edit it — basically run your team, or even an entire business  — all from your phone. Plus, spreadsheets work on your phone, fast, fully featured, and mobile. What other spreadsheets do that? It's a huge time saver that lets you focus on deals instead of managing work.

Live CRM data in the palm of your hand

Since Salesforce acquired Quip in 2016, we've been building integrations between the two products that change the game for sales teams. This first phase of integrations let you add real-time Salesforce data to Quip documents and spreadsheets, giving you and your team the power to work smarter, and move faster on opportunities.

Once your team installs the integration package, you can start piping Live Data from Salesforce right into Quip documents and spreadsheets. This is information straight from your CRM into your team’s most important work, and it always stays up to date — if the data changes in Salesforce, it’ll automatically change in Quip, too.

The possibilities here are endless: You can export your monthly pipeline report to a Quip doc, so you and your team can discuss successes and opportunities in one place. You can create powerful account plans, spreadsheets, and meeting agendas with customer information, keeping everyone on your team aligned. And with the Quip mobile app, all these documents are available to the entire team no matter where they are, or what they're working on.All you need to make this happen is the Quip Connect package in Salesforce AppExchange — which has the added bonus of letting you attach Quip docs and spreadsheets to records and opportunities within Salesforce.

Fast action and effective communication are the lifeblood of any good sales team. But spreading work and conversations around multiple apps doesn’t speed things up — it slows work down. With the Quip mobile app, salespeople can get everything done in one place. Conversations, customer data, documents, meeting notes, and strategic planning are all in a single app, keeping salespeople nimble and productive.

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