Welcome to Get Started with Salesforce Anywhere

Salesforce Anywhere allows you to work seamlessly between mobile and Lightning. Built-in documents, spreadsheets, and chat brings together the power of collaboration natively in Salesforce.

Step 1

Get comfortable with Salesforce Anywhere with one or both of our Salesforce Anywhere webinars.

Salesforce Anywhere: Documents & Notifications Webinar

In our Salesforce Anywhere: Documents & Notifications webinar, we will walk through how to boost team productivity and integrate collaborative docs, spreadsheets, and chat right inside of your Salesforce instance.

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Salesforce Anywhere: Chats & Alerts (beta) Webinar

Salesforce Anywhere Chats & Alerts (beta) allows you to work seamlessly between mobile and Lightning. Salesforce Anywhere allows you to experience Salesforce in a whole new way with real-time and actionable alerts, suggested actions, 1:1 and team chat, and full Salesforce search. This on-demand webinar will walk through the features and functionality and get you ready to customize for your needs.

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Step 2

Keep learning with on-demand video lessons. Watch them all or pick which videos are the most relevant to your current projects.

Salesforce Anywhere Learning Path: Documents and Notifications

This path is designed to guide you through the basics of Documents and Notifications in Salesforce. You’ll learn what it is, how to access it, and how it works. No more juggling between platforms. Now, you and your teams can work in one, centralized platform.

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Salesforce Anywhere Learning Path: Chat & Alerts (beta)

This learning path is designed to get you successfully using Salesforce Anywhere: Chat & Alerts (beta) in no time. Choose one on your topic of interest or watch them all for a comprehensive overview of Salesforce Anywhere Chats and Alerts.

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Step 3

Ask an expert!

Office Hours: Ask a Salesforce Anywhere Expert

Ever wanted to chat directly with a Salesforce Anywhere product expert? You’re in luck. This session is dedicated to answering questions, sharing best practices, and offering additional resources. This time is for you! Come with questions about Salesforce Anywhere, Quip, Documents, Automation, or anything specific to your team’s use cases.

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Step 4

Gain badges and keep learning with Trailhead!

Salesforce Anywhere Module

Learn how to use collaboration tools to accelerate business deals. This Salesforce Anywhere Trail Module will get you started with Salesforce Anywhere in no time.

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Collaborate with Quip Trail

This trail covers the Salesforce Anywhere and Quip information you need to know. With modules on the Quip Basics, Quip for Sales Cloud, Quip for Service Cloud, and more. Take the whole Trail or choose the module best for you.

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