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Are you looking to familiarize yourself with Quip? Regardless of whether you’re brand new to Quip or looking to catch up on the newest features in the tool, you can get started here!

Step 1

Select the option that works best for you! Join the on-demand webinar to learning everything you need to know to get started or watch the learning path videos for bite-sized learning.

Webinar: Quip Fundamentals

New to Quip? Looking to uncover functionality to help you successfully collaborate in Documents? Look no further! In this 30-minute session, an expert trainer will teach you all you need to know to start working faster and more effectively in Quip!

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Quip Learning Path

Welcome to the Quip Learning Path. This learning path is designed to guide you through the basics of Quip. This multi-part video series covers everything you need to know to be proficient in Quip.

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Step 2

Ask an expert!

Office Hours: Ask a Salesforce Anywhere Expert

Ever wanted to chat directly with a Salesforce Anywhere and Quip product expert? You’re in luck. Come pick our brains in Office Hour! This session is dedicated to answering questions, sharing best practices, and offering additional resources.

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Step 3

Ready to up your game? Attend our advanced sessions.

Get Savvy with Quip Spreadsheets

Filter views, Data referencing, and Charts, oh my! You know they exist, but now it’s time to learn how they work in the Spreadsheets Webinar!

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Forget Your Formatting Woes

Take your documents from 😕 to 😃 with these insider strategies! Forget your formatting woes through advanced formatting tips on topics such as videos, Live Apps, and fonts.

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Own Your Organization

This webinar will save you time and frustration by giving you strategies to organize your content and quickly locate the document you need, now! Own your organization with features such as favorites, shared folders, and more.

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Salesforce Anywhere: Quarterly Recap

Quip and Salesforce Anywhere are constantly rolling out new features and updates to the platform. In this session, we’ll run through the main features released over the last quarter.

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Remote Best Practices

Remote Best Practices will help you better collaborate with your team, no matter where you are working. With use case examples and feature best practices, this session will show you how Work Anywhere can help your transform your collaboration and empower you to work more efficiently.

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Behind the Curtain

In Behind the Curtain series, Education will interview prominent members of internal teams like Product, Engineering, Customer Success, and more!

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Step 4

Learn and gain badges in Trailhead.

Trailhead: Collaborate with Quip

Learn how your team can work better together with Quip with this trail.

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