Welcome to the Salesforce Anywhere Admin Learning Path.

This learning path is designed to guide Salesforce Admin through the successful implementation and deployment of Salesforce Anywhere.

What is Salesforce Anywhere: Documents and Notifications?

This video will take a look at Documents and Notifications in action inside of Salesforce. It will cover the Document Component, Associated Documents, and Notifications and how they can create standardization and transform business processes for your team. This is a great way to get introduced to Salesforce Anywhere Documents and Notifications.

Resources: Quip & Salesforce Integration Summary, Set Up Salesforce Quip and Salesforce Quip Custom Configurations

Set up the Document Components in the Lightning App Builder

This video will walk through how to set up the Document Component and the Associated Documents in the Lightning App Builder. If you are ready to add the Quip Components to Salesforce this lesson is for you.

Resources: Quip Document Component, Add the Quip Document Component to a Lightning Page, Quip Associated Documents Component, Add the Quip Associated Documents Component and Setting Up Your Quip Notification Component in the Utility Bar

Build Templates for Salesforce Anywhere

This video will cover the Quip template library and the key components of a successful template, including Mail Merge Syntax and the Salesforce Live Apps. Create standardization across your teams with Templates in Salesforce.

Resources: Templates, Template Mode for Live Apps in Quip, Salesforce List Views in Quip, How Do Templates and Mail Merge Syntax Work Together?

Automate with Process and Flow Builder

This video covers the Quip actions that can be used in Process and Flow Builder, automation examples where companies are already finding success, and demos of automation in action. If you want to streamline workflows and save your team time, start automating with Process and Flow Builder.

Resources: Quip Automation

Salesforce Anywhere (Quip) Setup Starter Overview

Salesforce Anywhere (Quip) Setup Starter is a managed package that helps set up some of our most common Salesforce Anywhere (Quip for Customer 360) features. Once the starter is installed, you can embed Account Plans, Opportunity Notes, or even your own custom templates into Salesforce objects.

Resource: Get Started with Salesforce Quip