Length: 45 minutes

In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to Quip for Sales Documents, Notifications, Templates, and Automation from the Admin perspective. You will gain an understanding of the features and benefits, and resources for implementation. If you a Quip or Quip for Sales Admin getting started with Quip for Sales Advanced (Quip) this is the webinar for you!


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Integration: Test and Roll Out Your Quip Site, Get Started with Quip for Salesforce, Set Up Quip for Sales, and How to Integrate your Salesforce org and Quip for Sales site

Component set up: Quip Document Component, Add the Quip Document Component to a Lightning Page, Quip Associated Documents Component, Add the Quip Associated Documents Component, Setting Up Your Quip Notification Component in the Utility Bar

Templates: Templates, Template Mode for Live Apps in Quip, Salesforce List Views in Quip, How Do Templates and Mail Merge Syntax Work Together?

Automation: Automation, Quip for Salesforce, Automation Homepage