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The Quip Platform brings custom collaboration and workflow solutions to every team in your organization.

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Empower your entire org chart

Stop running your strategic initiatives through email and obsolete file systems. Quip lets teams mix-and-match modern, mobile features and apps that help them get the job done.


Give your people software that they'll love to use every single day. Quip is easy to get started with, simple to master, and highly customizable to grow with your teams' ever-changing needs.

Team Leads

Leadership can happen anywhere, and Quip enables it like no other tool. Flexible, extensible, and mobile — Quip lets your company’s leads connect to their teams like never before.


Quip gives you a clearer view from the top. Insight, visibility, and input on any company initiative is at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Just ask our customers

Companies using Quip have better communication, higher levels of productivity, and shorter project cycle times.


*Customer Relationship Survey conducted September 2016 among 683 customers.

Connect with the tools you use every day

Quip aggregates everything your team is working on. More seamless collaboration means your teams are working at a new level.

Some partner Live Apps are in development. Please check back soon!

Why companies choose Quip

Integrate, customize, and extend

With the addition of Live Apps and extensible APIs, Quip has become the Quip Platform. The most powerful way to customize your team's work and productivity.

Effortlessly scalable

Quip is used by fast-growing companies like Facebook—and it can scale with your team, too. As your organization expands, Quip has you covered.

Seriously secure

We’ve invested in the most secure, reliable, & auto-sync cloud platform because we care about your company's data.

Instant ROI

Quip is intuitive and comprehensive. Teams adopt it quickly, start collaborating right away, and become more productive than ever before.


Award-winning mobile apps on Android and iOS keeps executives tuned in and your teams using Quip every single day.

Salesforce + Quip

Quip is backed by one of the most trusted and world-class businesses in the world and integrates closely with the Salesforce Platform.

Build something as unique as your team

Use Quip’s extensible API to build your own Live Apps and make life even easier for your team. We have tons of helpful documentation to help you get started.

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Quip at its core is a collaboration platform and it's designed for the mobile world we are living it. It has transformed our organizations. John Herbert Global CIO, 21st Century Fox
John Herbert

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