Quip for Salesforce Summer '19 Release is here!

By Arnab Bose

In February, we launched Quip for Salesforce, a collection of new integrations that boost the productivity of sales and service teams inside CRM. Quip for Salesforce allows Salesforce teams to embed Quip's collaborative documents, spreadsheets, slides, and chat threads within Salesforce objects and records. Overnight, real-time collaboration for processes that typically lived outside of Salesforce — like deal win plans, executive briefs, and case swarms — became available and standardized inside the #1 CRM.

Now that it's ☀️summer, we've upgraded the experience for both admins and teams by combining these integrations with the power of the Salesforce Lightning platform. If you're already a Salesforce and Quip Admin, all of the functionality described in this blog is available in your sandbox environment right now. Everything will become available in your production environment the week of June 17.

Admins: Bring more automation to document templates

When it comes to Quip for Salesforce, admins are like coaches who just want to set their players up for success. With the right parameters, they can set the team up to play fast, loose, and disciplined and win the hearts and minds of their customers. In the Summer '19 release we've made major improvements to help your teams go, go, go.

1. Process Builder and Flow Builder for Quip

Deliver templated solutions to your teams with clicks (not code) using the Process Builder and Flow Builder. Include collaborative documents in your automated processes and deploy customized docs that auto-fill with relevant Salesforce metadata so your teams can go faster within the standards set by you, the admin.

For example, an admin can automate the creation of a templated Deal Win Plan document when a rep moves an opportunity to a new stage in the deal process. Quip templates even have mail merge fields that automatically bring in data from the associated Salesforce fields into your Quip document. This document is then also embedded in the opportunity record, resulting in less admin work for reps and consistent sales processes for the sales manager.

Read the release notes, and check out this sample process to learn how to combine Quip and Process Builder.

2. Setup and User Management Enhancements

Setting up the Salesforce-Quip integration just got a lot easier. Admins have three new capabilities to connect both platforms faster:

  1. Bulk provisioning Quip users based on the users inside Salesforce
  2. Adding any Salesforce user to a document or @mentioning them in Quip (even if they haven't signed up for Quip yet
  3. Setting up Quip faster by having Files Connect automatically enabled in your org.

Want to learn more? Read the release notes.

3. Autofill tokens work in live apps

If you love Quip, then Live Apps are likely a part of your most important documents. Kanban boards, Progress bars, and Polls are what turn a document into a seriously useful piece of work. Now, when you use autofill tokens in templates inside Salesforce, they will automatically pull Salesforce field data into the rich text fields of any Live Apps so your teams don't have to do any manual data transfer themselves.

4. Customizable Quip Document component title

Customize the Quip Document Lightning Component to better reflect the purpose of the document. Instead of every component titled Quip Document, change it to Account Plan, Win Plan, Case Swarm, or Executive Brief to better articulate what the document is at a glance.

Teams: Work faster together for your customers

1. Quip Notifications Lightning Component

Get updates from Quip without ever leaving your Salesforce record or custom Lightning page. Simply embed the Quip Notifications Lightning component and you'll never miss a thing. Before this change, Quip signals and notifications could only be received in Quip or by email. Now, users can receive Quip notifications and quickly open relevant Quip docs in a modal inside Salesforce so users don't have to jump screens.

The Quip Notifications Lightning component requires an admin to enable it for the organization anywhere in the Lightning platform – records, homepages, or the utility bar for persistent access. This powerful component will help teams who live and breath Quip for Salesforce work together faster to help their customers.

2. Automatic initialization of the Salesforce Record Live App

The Salesforce Record Live App lets users pull live Salesforce data directly into Quip documents. Your whole team will see the most up-to-date data on the record, at any time, from any device. Even better, you can update back to Salesforce right from your Quip doc. That makes it easier than ever to combine your Salesforce data with your collaborative documents in Quip. And yes — as of today, this Live App includes out-of-the-box support for custom objects and fields.

Now, when a document template that includes the Salesforce Record Live App is activated from a Salesforce record, it will automatically populate the Live App with the data from the record.

Try Quip for Salesforce today

If you're already a Salesforce and Quip Admin, all of the functionality above is available in your sandbox environment today. All the instructions you need are here. It will be available in your production environment on June 17th.

If you don't have Quip yet or haven't connected it to Salesforce, start a free a trial and then integrate Quip with Salesforce. The instructions are here.

You can always contact one of our Quip for Salesforce experts here.