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Quip is a beautiful mobile productivity suite that enables you to collaborate on any device. Quip combines chat, documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and more in a simple and elegant interface that makes collaboration easy. With Quip, you work with people, not files.

Thousands of companies from a wide range of industries have adopted Quip to make communication and collaboration more efficient. Quip was founded by Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs, who worked together at Google. Bret and Kevin have created or worked on some of today's most widely used products, including Google Maps, Google App Engine and Facebook. They've hired a small team of people who are passionate about technology and about creating products for work that you actually enjoy using every day.

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Bret Taylor

Bret was most recently the CTO of Facebook, after it acquired FriendFeed, the company he co-founded in 2007. Prior to that, Bret was a Group Product Manager at Google, where he co-created Google Maps and the Google Maps API, and started Google's Developer product group. Bret has an MS and a BS in Computer Science from Stanford.

Kevin Gibbs

At Google, Kevin founded and was the tech lead of Google App Engine. He is also the creator of Google Suggest, which provides interactive search suggestions as you type. Prior to that, Kevin was part of the Infrastructure group at Google, working on cluster management systems. Kevin has an MS and a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Jon McAlister

Invented the harpsichord. Discovered Antarctica. Raises thylacines. Consulted on the Via Aurelia. Veteran of the Great Emu War. Other previous: Google (News, App Engine), Stanford (Math BS, CS MS), Texas.

Ana Muller

Before Quip, Ana worked on product marketing and on the Legal team at both Facebook and Google, where she launched and led the marketing for Gmail. Ana has BA degrees in Economics and East Asian Studies from Harvard University. At Quip, Ana is reprising her Chief Miscellaneous Officer role from FriendFeed.

Casey Muller

At MIT, Casey picked up two SB degrees and an MEng degree in Computer Science. He then worked at Rhythm and Hues Studios before dropping out of an NYU PhD program to found Jamglue as part of the third Y Combinator class. Casey later joined FriendFeed, and then Facebook, where he finally got them to launch a music product by building Open Graph.

Patrick Linehan

Before Quip, Pat did a short stint at Google working on search. Prior to that, he worked on software to automatically discover drugs in silico at biotech startups Numerate, Inc. and Pharmix, Corp. He spends his free time drinking Hop Stoopid and napping.

Matthew Cahill


Mihai Parparita

Mihai enjoys being an engineer on tools that he uses every day. Prior to Quip, Mihai was at Google, where he worked on Google Reader, WebKit, and Chrome. Mihai is an amateur plane spotter, and if requested can bore you with details about winglets, sharklets and chevrons.

Molly Graham

At Quip, Molly leads sales, partnerships, and business development. She previously spent over four years at Facebook where she helped develop and lead Facebook's long-term mobile strategy, and create the company's “hacker brand”. Earlier in her career, Molly worked at Google, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

Alex Power

Comic book superhero and International Man of Mystery, Alex helps keep Quip running in his spare time. Prior to Quip, Alex spent time at Google and Iowa State University.

Nate White

Nate comes to Quip from Google App Engine, where he worked with world-famous explorers and superheroes. He studied Computer Science and Economics at Georgetown University, and previously worked on distributed systems at Isilon Systems and Clustrix.

Mohammad Almalkawi

Before Quip, Mohammad was a technical lead on Twitter's Mobile team where he was focused on Android platform and mobile tools. Prior to Twitter, Mohammad worked on WinRT Core in the operating systems group at Microsoft. Mohammad studied computer engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he specialized in real-time embedded systems.

Teddy Underwood

Teddy is putting his career as a banjo picker on hold to help drive partnerships and business development at Quip. Teddy comes directly from Instagram where as Head of Marketing Partnerships he focused on building the company's ads business. Before that, he spent over 7 years at Facebook building partnerships with major retailers and gaming companies and handling the crazy legal issues of a startup as a lawyer. Teddy is a Stanford University undergrad alum and received his law degree from University of California, Hastings.

Edmond Lau

Edmond's the author of the upcoming book, The Effective Engineer. He was an early engineer at Quora, where he built out the onboarding and mentoring programs and led engineering on user growth. Before Quora, Edmond led the analytics and monetization team at Ooyala and worked on search quality at Google.

Nate Botwick

Nate Botwick spends most of his time staying up to date on the hottest SoLoMo trends while riding his DJI Quadcopter Drone (with GoPro mount). Prior to Quip, he ran Business Analysis at GREE and studied various other things.

Yunjie Ma

Yunjie codes for food and whiskey. Prior to Quip, she developed intricate worlds filled with zoo animals, dragons, zombies, and sorority girls. Yunjie has a BS and MEng from MIT, and has worked previously at Pocket Gems, MITRE, Qualcomm, Microsoft, and Morgan Stanley.

Ross Miller

Ross is the Office Needs Special Operations Leader at Quip. Three of his top 27 abilities include folding napkins into a bird of paradise, choosing the winning lane in traffic, and creating stop motion LEGO videos. (Previous: Taylor Engineering and CSU Chico)

Julie Tung

Julie comes to Quip by way of Dropbox, Facebook and Google. She has an MS and BS in Computer Science from Stanford. In her free time, Julie enjoys reading, playing board games and video games, and experimenting in the kitchen (and eating the results!).

Sophia Westwood

Sophia joins Quip after completing her BS and MS in Computer Science at Stanford. She's interned at Khan Academy teaching kids to code online, and at Palantir and Google. Sophia likes to pet dogs and find fruit on sale, but dislikes wasabi.

Dave Engelberg

Dave works on the business team at Quip. Prior to that, he spent time at Facebook, Halfbrick, GREE, and OpenFeint, working on games you may have played if you own a smartphone. Most notably, Dave hasn't lost to his father in ping-pong in over 15 years.

Belinda Gu

Before Quip, Belinda spent time at Google, Quora, and Microsoft. She has an MS and BS in Computer Science from Stanford. In her free time, Belinda enjoys hugging animals, playing board games, and trying new macaron flavors.

Zand Ushijima

Before joining Quip marketing, Zand led User Acquisition at GREE, helped build Ubisoft digital marketing, as well as working in a few online agencies. His one wish is to see the day his Golden State Warriors bring home the championship.

Adam Van Fossen

Adam has had many unusual jobs before joining the marketing team at Quip, including employment at a dude ranch in Japan, mining gold for a summer in Nevada, and working as a product photographer. More recently, he has been helping launch and market several products in the mobile apps and games space.

Sam Taylor

Sam comes to Quip by way of Dropbox, where he helped grow the sales org from 5 to 150 people. He studied Environmental Science at Bates College and previously worked at Salesforce.com. When he's not building sales teams, you can find Sam playing basketball or fly fishing in the Sierras.

Will McLennan

After receiving a B.A. from Stanford and a J.D. from UC Hastings, Will briefly dabbled in law practice before making his way into the startup world (most recently at RelateIQ, which was acquired by Salesforce). When not running after two young boys who he's attempting to help raise — and which would not be possible without his amazing wife — Will contemplates building impossibly long Scrabble words, obsesses over esoteric facts and statistics, and cheers on Boston-based sports teams. He is thrilled to be part of the Quip team, and looks forward to partnering closely with Quip business customers.

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