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We Saw a Problem

The way work gets done is dumb... but it's not your fault.

Where's that file? What did we decide? Why did that project stall?

Billions of dollars are spent on productivity, collaboration, and communication tools for teams each year. Yet all you do is manage your inbox and go to meetings.

Why? Because the old tools were built on an old paradigm, with old technology, in a non-mobile era. It's a chronic and frustrating problem. Our software is letting us down.

We came up with a solution

Living documents: the marriage
of communication and content

We've obsessed day and night about the intersection of communication and content. With Quip's living documents, your content — the words, images, spreadsheets, and data — live right alongside the communication with your team. Clarity prevails, decisions happen faster, and your entire company benefits.

Today, over a million users and thousands of teams have adopted Quip's living documents in place of email, file attachments, and disjointed messaging apps.

Our founders

Quip was founded by Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs — two super nerds who have built and led some of the most innovative and successful products in tech.

Bret was co-creator of Google Maps, CTO of Facebook, and is responsible for the “like” button. Kevin led engineering and product at Google, and brought Google App Engine to market.

What We've Done So Far

Our timeline

  • September 2016

    Salesforce acquires Quip

  • February 2016

    Quip launches living documents and a new inbox after growing customer base 5x in 2015

  • October 2015

    Quip raises $30M Series B financing from Greylock, and expands its leadership team

  • July 2015

    Quip launches desktop apps for Mac and Windows

  • April 2015

    Quip adds chat rooms to further integrate content and communication in one solution

  • October 2014

    Spreadsheets become available in Quip, expanding productivity and collaboration beyond the document

  • May 2014

    Quip 2.0 hits the market with search and publishing across web and mobile platforms

  • March 2014

    Social interactions come to Quip with a like button, comments and themes. REST API for integrations launches as well

  • 2012

    Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs leave Facebook and Google to found Quip to redefine productivity software. Quip raises $15M in series A from Benchmark Capital, and launches in mid-2013.

Our Team

Quip = People

We're a team of people who are committed to changing the way we all work, and making work "less dumb."

Bret Taylor

Kevin Gibbs

Jon McAlister

Patrick Linehan

Matthew Cahill

Mihai Parparita

Nate White

Teddy Underwood

Edmond Lau

Nate Botwick

Yunjie Ma

Ross Miller

Julie Tung

Sophia Westwood

Dave Engelberg

Belinda Gu

Zand Ushijima

Sam Taylor

Robert Cunningham

Logan Randolph

Cristina Mondini

Brina Lee

Kevin Crain

Patrick Moran

Kristin Sherman

Wade Hauser

Derek Smyth

Alice Hehman

Rafael Alenda

Diana Kimball

Yang Su

Shrey Banga

Michael Handler

Garrett Scott

Elliot Greenwald

Alexandra Meza

Ryan Anderson

Sara Rowland

Doug Thorne

Matt Cooley

Pedram Razavi

Namrata Prabhu

Alon Levi

Rajeev Nayak

Lenore Lang

Adam Morrison

Matt Hamann

Daniel Jackoway

Eugene Chen

Robert MacNguyen

Juli Fischer

Hira Rizvi

Andrew Weishahn

Max James

Mookie McDevitt

Brett Wines

Huy Nguyen

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