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Version: 1.x.x


With the Live Apps API, you can collaborate in a document beyond just using text. Display records from Salesforce and spreadsheets from Smartsheet. Show drawings and diagrams from and dashboards from CRM Analytics. Combine these in a single doc and supercharge your employees’ productivity.

But there's more! With Live Apps API, you can do more than just display the data. We make it easy to authenticate against other systems and provide a robust framework so you can get started quickly. You can pull data from anywhere. You can visualize it, edit it, and then push it back to the original source. You can build custom interfaces to only show the parts of your other systems that are useful for collaboration.

You can collaborate, comment, and edit the data from a Quip doc or use the doc as a single source of truth. For example, to do field inventory management, you could display the field inventory data with data coming from another source. Then you could push the data up to Salesforce. To do forecasting for a project, you could pull in the timeline, budget, and resources from different sources and then display them in a custom graph using your favorite graphing tool.

The opportunities are endless, and live apps make it easy to bring everything you need right where people work, Quip.


Data that’s stored in a live app is kept in the Quip document that contains the live app. This means that a copy of the document contains a copy of your live app and its underlying data. To store a live app’s data specific to a user viewing a document, you can use Preferences.