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February 15, 2017

Focus, flow, and feedback: How Quip fuels strong teams

There's a method to the madness of how we design Quip. See what we prioritize as we're building a product to help teams get more done.
February 13, 2017

Quip + Salesforce integrations are here

Connect the world's leading CRM, Salesforce, to your favorite productivity suite, Quip.
February 9, 2017

Stay focused with Quip's new sidebar and menus

Learn how Quip's new sidebar and menus help you stay focused and efficient.
February 8, 2017

Get your projects done with checklists and reminders

Introducing new Quip checklists, with reminders and mentions to help you get things done.
February 7, 2017

Meet the new Quip

Quip documents are smarter than ever with powerful checklists, a brand new design, and deep integrations with Salesforce.
January 24, 2017

Quip awarded with G2Crowd "Best Software 2017" Awards

We're extremely honored to be the recipients of G2Crowd's 'Best Software 2017' award for Administration, Business Operations, and Sales professionals.
January 5, 2017

New to Quip? Start here

Thinking about trying Quip? Here's a quick overview to get you started.
December 20, 2016

Organize your work with folder colors

New folder colors in Quip! Organize your folders with 12 different colors to better structure your work.
December 14, 2016

How to share and collaborate externally with Quip

It's easy to share externally with Quip. Get more work done with partners, vendors, and clients. Here's how.
December 1, 2016

Automate your entire day with Quip and Zapier

See how you can automate common Quip tasks using Zapier. Create weekly documents, share Tweets in chat rooms, or get notified when Quip docs are shared in other apps — all without lifting a finger.
November 18, 2016

Watch our Quip basics and onboarding video

This webinar is perfect for both Quip beginners, who want to review the basics and discover impactful use cases, and Quip champions, who want best practices to onboard their team with Quip.
November 3, 2016

Join us for our Quip basics and onboarding webinar

Join Quip experts, Ryan Anderson and Logan Randolph, for a live webinar to hear about important Quip basics and onboarding best practices.
October 27, 2016

The top questions we got about Quip at Dreamforce

We got a lot of questions about Quip at Dreamforce! If you're wondering about our Salesforce integrations, or Quip's pricing, this blog is for you.
October 21, 2016

Have fun with your team in Quip

Quip makes your team more productive and more fun with emoji autocomplete and unique slash commands.
October 18, 2016

5 ways Quip can help you navigate the post-Dreamforce world

It's been a little over a week since Dreamforce 2016 ended, and everyone's getting back into their grooves. Here are a few ways Quip can help you improve your daily routine, plan your next project, and bond with your team.
October 13, 2016

Goodbye email, hello Quip notifications

Quip's living documents and push notification system eliminates team email and makes everyone more productive.
October 3, 2016

Going to Dreamforce? So is Quip

Now that we're a part of the Salesforce family, we're going to be front and center at the world's largest tech conference. Are you ready? Because we are!
August 16, 2016

Work in real-time with presence for documents and spreadsheets

New to Quip: Presence! See when your teammates are viewing your docs and spreadsheets.
August 9, 2016

The Five Different Types of Bad E-Mailers at Every Company

There are many areas where email fails—and no matter how painfully obvious that is to us, we still try to force it to do the things it's not built for.
August 1, 2016

Quip + Salesforce = Big News

We have some big news to share — Salesforce has agreed to acquire Quip!
July 27, 2016

What's in a title? Redefining the modern job

Workplace roles might be more or less the same but the prevalence and ease-of-use of productivity tools have made those same jobs more streamlined, more collaborative, and more fun.
July 21, 2016

Approval Disapproval - The end of “Update attached, version 34!”

In theory the process is always linear and clear but in reality the approval chain can be messy. Quip helps overhaul the approval process and cut some of the horrific process inefficiencies.
July 19, 2016

New slash commands for Quip + Slack

We've added to our Quip-Slack integration with 8 new slash commands, including two that bring Slack messages into Quip.
July 12, 2016

5 new search features to help you find your work

We're excited to announce five major updates to Quip's search experience to help you find your work.
July 5, 2016

The idea half-life: How great work decays across channels

Ideas have half-lives; they start out radiating and over time lose steam. Quip was built to help people keep that new-project passion burning at every stage.
June 29, 2016

8 outdated workplace terms Quip is replacing

At Quip, we think working less dumb starts with talking less dumb. So let's circle back, move this silly language offline and be more productive.
June 22, 2016

Introducing Account Switcher: Navigate between multiple Quip accounts

Navigate between your team and personal Quip accounts. Quip is the ultimate tool for both personal and professional productivity.
June 22, 2016

5 reasons to use Quip with your team

Quip helps teams and companies of all sizes be more connected, productive, and innovative.
June 16, 2016

A big Quip hello to our new CRO: Matt Cooley

Quip hires Matt Cooley as its first Chief Revenue Officer to accelerate market growth.
June 14, 2016

The Recipients of the 2016 Quip Engineering Diversity Scholarship

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up of the Quip Engineering Diversity Scholarship!
June 2, 2016

It's okay to (finally) embrace the new way to work

New Way of work, work less dumb, less email, fewer meetings
May 31, 2016

Sprawl and Stall, and why email is to blame

How email is to blame for poor collaboration, lost knowledge and stalling productivity.
May 24, 2016

Introducing document outlines: Clickable table of contents for long-form docs

Introducing document outlines for Quip. Add a table of contents to your long-form docs.
May 18, 2016

Quip Spreadsheets for Teams: More human, more social, more together

Introducing Quip Spreadsheets for Teams: Build beautiful, useful spreadsheets with your team.
May 10, 2016

Quip now connects with Slack to help teams kick more butt across the globe

Quip integrates with Slack to bring living documents into your favorite Slack Channels.
April 21, 2016

Introducing unsaved changes indicators: Dare to work offline

Take your Quip experience offline using our native desktop apps for Mac and Windows and work fearlessly with new unsaved changes indicators.
April 20, 2016

What we learned from building Quip on 8 different platforms with only 14 engineers

How to build a great product that impacts the lives of millions of people with just a small engineering team
April 11, 2016

Multiple Windows in Hybrid React Desktop Apps

How Quip's Reactjs-based desktop app renders React components in native popovers.
April 5, 2016

A Bundle to Take Your Productivity to a New Level

Boost your productivity with subscriptions to award-winning apps that help you get it all done.
April 4, 2016

New Feature: Windows Desktop Redesign

Announcing the release of the redesigned Windows app that is optimized for the Windows 10 operating system.
April 1, 2016

New Feature: In-Document Search

A unified search result view within the web and desktop interfaces across the entire document, comments and chat history.
March 31, 2016

Announcing the Quip Diversity Scholarship

Recipients will receive $5000 toward their education and will visit the Quip office in San Francisco for a full day of learning, mentorship, and meeting the team.
March 30, 2016

New Feature: Block Quotes and Pull Quotes

Quip now supports formatting for block quotes and pull quotes in documents.
March 29, 2016

New Feature: Horizontal Rule

You can now insert a horizontal rule in a Quip doc to create a break between paragraph elements.
March 22, 2016

New Feature: Always Show Sidebar

You can now make your Quip sidebar visible in every view, so you can access it while you work in a document or spreadsheet.
March 21, 2016

New Feature: Show Edit History

With Show Edit History, it's now possible to see the history for an individual paragraph or section of your document, going all the way back to when it was created.
March 18, 2016

New Feature: File Attachments in Documents

To make Quip even more flexible, you can now embed files from your computer directly into docs, task lists and spreadsheets.
March 17, 2016

New Feature: Set a Default Theme

Set a default font for all your Quip documents.
March 10, 2016

How does Quip prioritize which features or improvements to work on?

How does Quip prioritize which features or improvements to work on? Kevin Gibbs and I generally think about expanding the product in three areas...
March 2, 2016

Why is Quip better than Google Docs? (from Quora)

In short, Quip is better than Google Docs because its unique combination of communication and writing enables your team to be productive without email.
February 24, 2016

Introducing the Living Document

With Quip’s new design, your documents keep you up-to-date instead of you keeping up with them.
October 15, 2015

Quip Raises $30M, Hires a Data Nerd

Quip has raised a $30 million Series B from Greylock Partners and Benchmark Capital. John Lilly from Greylock will be joining Quip’s board.
August 11, 2015

List View: Organize and Sort Your Folders

Quip now supports a full-featured list view for your desktop and folders.
July 8, 2015

Introducing Quip Desktop

Quip is now available natively on your Mac and PC. With the launch of Quip Desktop, Quip is the best productivity suite on every device, including your laptop.
June 11, 2015

Import PDF files in Quip

You can now create a Quip document from any PDF file on your computer.
May 6, 2015

3 Tips for Onboarding New Hires Using Quip

Onboarding is tricky. How do you bring in someone brand new and help them efficiently understand all the history, context, and processes of your organization?
April 29, 2015

How a 30 Person IT Team Uses Quip to Manage Over 60 Auto Dealerships

With over 4,900 employees, the Larry Miller automotive division has substantial IT needs to keep the rubber on the road. They use Quip to keep their 30 person IT team connected across seven states.
April 21, 2015

Quip Chat Rooms

With Chat Rooms, your team can talk about anything in Quip, whether or not it's attached to a document.
April 9, 2015

The Typography of Quip

Find out more about each Quip theme and the typefaces we chose for each.
April 7, 2015

Email into Quip: Create a Collaborative Document from an Email Thread

Today, we're making it easy to create a Quip doc straight from an email.
March 31, 2015

5 of the Best Quip Shortcuts You Probably Didn't Know About

Did you know that keyboard shortcuts can save you up to one million hours per year?
March 24, 2015

The Search for Simplicity: How Assist Runs on Quip

For Assist, Quip acts like a Swiss Army knife. CEO, Shane Mac and his team like the simplicity of having one hub for everything.
March 19, 2015

Creating Connections: How Path Does Product Development

We sat down with Cynthia, Nate, and Libby from the Path product team to learn more about their approach to product development and how they use Quip on a daily basis.
February 17, 2015

How to Create a Collaborative Content Calendar in Quip

Bloggers, content marketers, and social media managers use Quip on a daily basis to write, edit, and approve content.
February 12, 2015

Developing the Future of News: How Circa Uses Quip

We recently sat down with Matt Galligan, CEO of Circa, to learn how one of the most interesting startups in the media space operates day-to-day with Quip.
February 11, 2015

New Features for Quip Spreadsheets

Based on feedback from people who have been using Quip Spreadsheets since launch, we've added a bunch of new features to make the experience simpler and more powerful.
February 4, 2015

Using Markdown in Quip

Formatting in Quip just got twice as fast.
October 9, 2014

Introducing Quip Spreadsheets

Quip Spreadsheets is not a separate app or file type, but is instead seamlessly integrated into the Quip product experience.
September 25, 2014

Integrations: Add your world to Quip

Integrations enable you to connect hundreds of other products, including Dropbox, Zendesk, JIRA and more, directly to Quip.
September 17, 2014

Quip for iOS 8

OS 8 supports a number of new features that make Quip for iPhone and iPad much closer to our vision of the ideal mobile productivity suite.
September 3, 2014

Quip 2.2 - A New Approach to Notifications

With the revamped notifications system in Quip, you'll never miss an important update no matter how much Quip activity you have.
August 8, 2014

Quip 2.1 for Android - Rich Notifications and Chat

We've made notifications much richer and group chat simpler and faster.
July 25, 2014

Quip 2.1 - Chat, Import, and Export

We updated Quip chat so that it looks beautiful and consistent across your desktop, tablet, and phone.
July 17, 2014

Customer Story: Average Joes Entertainment

The team signed up for Quip looking for an easy, lightweight solution to create and manage documents.
May 29, 2014

Quip 2.0 - Search, Publishing, and a New Design

Quip 2.0 is the culmination of nearly a year of product feedback and improvements.
April 23, 2014

Introducing the Quip API

The Quip API provides full read-write access to your Quip documents and messages via a REST API.
April 22, 2014

Code Blocks in Quip

You can now insert source code blocks as figures in Quip documents from your desktop.
April 14, 2014

Using Quip for Marketing Communications

How HP Storage Media adopted Quip as a standard platform for creating and sharing copywriting content.
April 4, 2014

Starting a non-profit, organizing a school curriculum and more, all using Quip

Angela Bowman, VP at the Boise Modern Quilt Guild uses Quip to prepare our board meeting agendas and minutes.
March 20, 2014

Quip 1.7 - Like Button, Comments, and Themes

Today, we're introducing the Like button on Quip in an effort to bring some of these positive social interactions into the workplace.
March 13, 2014

How an Arts Tech Startup Uses Quip

In this guest post, Kathleen Stetson, Co-Founder and CEO of Trill, explains how she and the Trill team got hooked on Quip.
February 25, 2014

Quip for Android 1.6: No account required, Kindle Fire, and more

Today, we're delighted to release [Quip 1.6] for Android, which adds a number of the most-requested features to the product.
February 18, 2014

New features for Quip on your desktop

We just rolled out a handful of useful new features for the desktop version of Quip.
January 23, 2014

Quip 1.6: PDF, Printing, and More

We are excited to release Quip 1.6 for iPhone and iPad, which adds a number of the most requested features to the product.
December 19, 2013

Using Quip to Run a Catering Business (that also happens to feed Quip)

Split Pea Seduction uses Quip for their production and project management schedules and tasks.
December 5, 2013

Quip for Android 1.0

Quip for Android has been one of our most requested products since launch, a testament to the reach of the operating system.
December 2, 2013

How a Restaurant Uses Quip

Damon Gravina and Mandy Oser, of Ardesia, discuss how Quip has helped them to manage their business.
November 21, 2013

Quip 1.5: Import documents (and a bunch more)

We've made it easier to get started with Quip, to start collaborating, and to stay organized after you've migrated all your documents.
November 20, 2013

How an Environmental Services Company Uses Quip

Colorado Hazard Control uses Quip to communicate daily and centralize their company documents.
November 19, 2013

What Happens When You Ask Students To Write a Story Collaboratively Using Quip? Magic with a Capital “M”

Seventh grade teacher describes her first experience using Quip in the classroom as a tool to develop a community of writers.
November 14, 2013

How Quip's Engineering Team Uses Quip

In Quip, our engineers have found (and built) a simple, yet flexible product that makes it easier for them to keep making great products.
November 8, 2013

Using Quip to Design a Game

Using Quip to accelerate the game design process across a distributed team.
November 4, 2013

How to Add Contacts in Quip

You can collaborate on a Quip document with anyone, but it's easiest when that person is already in your Contacts.
October 28, 2013

Feature Highlight: Restricted Folders

A document inside a restricted folder is only accessible by the people with access to that folder.
October 9, 2013

Quip is now available in 日本語, Português, Русский and Türkçe

We are excited to announce that Quip is now available in Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian.
October 4, 2013

Feature Highlight: Attaching Files

You can upload files to share with others, or download ones that people have sent to you. 
September 27, 2013

How Quip Uses Quip

When I started working at Quip four months ago, one of the first things I noticed is that my email inbox was empty.
September 16, 2013

Quip for iOS 7

Our goal with this update is to make Quip the best looking and most natural word processor for iOS 7.
September 12, 2013

Feature Highlight: Chat Tabs

Chat Tabs enable you to easily view and respond to messages regardless of what document you're working on.
September 4, 2013

Feature Highlight: Emoji

Emojis are a fun way to express what you mean through pictures and cartoons in messages in Quip.
August 29, 2013

Quip is now available in Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano and 中文(简体)

We are excited to announce that Quip is now available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, and simplified Chinese.
August 28, 2013

Using Quip for Vacation Planning

Using Quip for packing, to-do-lists and shared travel itineraries.
August 26, 2013

Feature Highlight: Open Notifications and Receipts

One of the most memorable moments on Quip is when you get your first “open” notification.
August 20, 2013

How a fashion startup uses Quip

SSFW uses Quip for almost everything, from planning future interviews, editorials, and meetings, to discussing ideas, concerns, and questions.
August 16, 2013

Using Quip for My College Applications

With the release of the Common Application two weeks ago, I finally ran out of excuses; it was time to start my college applications. 
August 15, 2013

Quip 1.1 for iPhone & iPad: Move documents, @mentions, send via email, and more

In addition to a bunch of performance and stability improvements, we've added the most requested features from our first week of use.
August 14, 2013

Feature highlights: Formatting

Quip's formatting bar helps you create simple, beautiful documents.
August 12, 2013

Using Quip to organize our remodel and move

How you can use Quip to organize all the details and logistics of purchasing and remodeling a home.
August 7, 2013

Feature highlight: @mentions

You can use @mentions in both documents and messages to create a dynamic link to any of your Quip documents.
August 6, 2013

How the biology teachers at Rocklin High School used Quip

A California biology teacher at discusses her experience with using Quip to manage a new curriculum.
August 5, 2013

Feature highlight: Diffs

Diffs get added to the thread every time an edit is made, showing what's changed, who made the change, and when they made it.
August 2, 2013

Profile of a shared task list on Quip

Quip's checklists are perfect for managing a team to-do list — assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and keeping track of everything that needs to be done to complete a project.
August 1, 2013

How Pop-Up Magazine uses Quip

Douglas McGray, Pop-Up Magazine's editor-in-chief, shares how Pop-Up used Quip and the features they found most useful.
July 31, 2013

Introducing Quip

Quip is a modern word processor that enables you to create beautiful documents on any device — phones, tablets and the desktop.